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IPR/Brand Protection

Owing to its vast pool of resources and a well established global network Lancers helps you tackle issues of any nature not only in India but also abroad. With its global alliances you can detect the forgery and counterfeiting of brands and take subsequent action against piracy.


This is done in a four-phase program:


Lancers has a team of expert investigators who conduct a cohesive market research that helps them determine various regions. These are the regions that have counterfeit versions of your individual product that is being circulated in the market.

It conducts an intensive market research which enables it to determine the regions where false version of your product is being distributed and is available. The base of this research is a result of the market information received by the client and various other market sources.
After the regions have been detected, samples are sent to the client for authentication.


After the verification of the samples by the client, its team conducts identification of the point that acts as a supply chain for the spurious product. Only after the supply chain has been identified a mock trade and industry relationship is established with the manufacturer. In the light of the given situation many more such dummy transactions are forged between the two parties, allowing the investigative team to gain the defaulting manufacturers confidence.



Once a good trade relationship has been established with the manufacturer a sudden raid is conducted on the premises with the help of various law enforcement agencies.



After this security task has been completed successfully, the third phase begins wherein the client decides if he wants to further probe in the matter. Probing the case would ensure that any other similar dubious products are not on sale in the market. If the teams of investigators find certain reminiscent of the counterfeit products the client will be informed consequently.

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