Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection is a format of highly personalized, close proximity security built around a person with an assumed or confirmed threat to their life. The threats could include assault, assassination or kidnapping. This type of protection involves an array of activities like reconnaissance, route planning, tactical sweeps of vulnerable areas, securing vehicles and venues, physically escorting a client and many more. The Executive Protection’s CPOs work like an elite military unit and they are compact, highly motivated and versatile teams that are usually very covert. They have an ability to recognize danger, react accordingly while remaining calm, communication and discretion are key attributes of a Close Protection Officer in addition to an extremely high competence in operating firearms, unarmed combat, and emergency medical aid.

Our Advantage:

  • Highly Experience & Diligent Team.
  • Team Consist of Ex Military & Central Intelligence Professionals.
  • Cumulative Experience of 130+ Years.
  • Quarterly Training to employees.