IFTG is a world leader in online Insurance Fraud, Investigations & Compliance training. IFTG tailors/customize its programs as per the specific requirements of the client which enables them to highlight the triggers in a more effective manner for a potential fraud application and helps in minimizing the fraud. IFTG partners with Insurance Institute of India to provide Anti-Fraud Training throughout India & Middle Eastern Countries.

The principles of International Fraud Training Group, Lancers, the Insurance Institute of India and the Association of Private Detectives & Investigators working with top SIU Management Teams, and investigators throughout the industry, have developed proven and effective methods for comprehensive fraud awareness and understanding. As industry insiders, we have the training and the expertise at your disposal to train your private investigators about the distinctions and multiple factors that make each case different. They already know how to investigate. They have the technique. But to get the job done right, they need more aptitude, comprehension, and the ability to visualize and understand how this work fits into the bigger picture. With multiple demands on your time, why go it alone in making sure all of your PIV endorse receives quality training?

IFTG will offer the certifications through the APDI on-line training portal and in @ person-seminars throughout the country.

The IFTG website will also allow for Insurance Companies and their employees to search our CPII database for certified investigators, ranking them by their level of training and location. This service is free to any insurance company, TPA or self insured who register with us.

About CPII

Certified Private Insurance Investigator (CPIITM) is a certification and professional designation for Private investigators who serve the insurance industry. This designation provides private investigators training specifically related to insurance fraud and insurance investigations.

CPII has been created with the motto that education is the key to tackling any huge national problem. Costing in billions to the Indian insurance industry per year is one such major issue of fraud. Educating insurance industry professionals is the first and single most effective solution to combating insurance fraud. CPII certification ensures that the candidates are trained in every aspect of insurance fraud like claims handling, underwriting, agents and customer service representation, etc.